Ready to Move Cottages and Industrial Trailers

Looking for craftsmanship and good old-fashioned value?

A.C.V. Enterprises builds high quality mobile units for both industrial and home-oriented applications.


Whether you require a portable cottage for your mini-resort or as a "granny suite" or simply as a small affordable home, A.C.V.'s pre-assembled cabins boast attention to detail and good value.

» For more about our cottage industry, please visit this page.


Various industrial applications require well-built mobile structures to serve as wellsite trailers, mobile offices and command centres. We can meet your needs.

» For more about our industrial solutions, please visit this page.


We are all about flexibility. If you have specialized needs, we will be pleased to accommodate your requirements. Please contact us!

The Viersens

About A.C.V. Enterprises

A.C.V. Enterprises is a family-owned and operated company. Owner-manager Andrew Viersen offers the personalized touch, ensuring quality and value.

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